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Sound Engineer ||  Dubbing Mixer || Sound Designer

10 Years Experience Delivering High-Quality Audio

Liam Clayton is professional freelance sound engineer, dubbing mixer and sound designer working in television, radio, podcasts and music.

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Liam Clayton on his studio

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old fashioned tv

Tv & film

Audio post production for broadcast television and film. Mixing, sound design, dialogue editing, ADR recording and editing, music editing, tracklay and deliverables. 

sound engineering desk

online content

Audio post production mixing for online video content including, audio clean-up and noise reduction, sound design, music editing and mixing. 

recording studio

Advertising & commercials

Commercial content for broadcast television, online content and social media. Voice over session recording, music editing, sound design and mixing across all platforms. 



Scripted and unscripted recording with groups or individuals for conversations and interviews both in-studio and remotely. Full editing, sound design, mixing and mastering for delivery to any podcast platform.


Abandoned Engineering 

Sound Mixer

Abandoned Engineering

Mystery of the Abandoned

Sound Mixer

mistery of the abandoned

Gypsy's Kiss

Sound Mixer

gypsy kiss

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