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About Me

Liam Clayton is a freelance London-based post production sound engineer, mixer and sound designer delivering professional audio for film, television, advertising, online content and podcasts.

Previously an in-house engineer at Wise Buddah Studios in Fitzrovia, he began as a runner making teas and dusting the desks before training to become a full-time mix engineer. During this time he worked across the variety of projects covered by the studio - voice over records, ISDN radio days, advert sound design, short films, all the way up to longform documentary mixing. 


Versatility in TV, Advertising, and Podcasting

Since going freelance in 2020, Liam has continued to work across the industry, delivering TV mixes for major television networks including BBC television, Discovery Plus and Yesterday TV. 


On the advertising and commercial side he has delivered large multi ad campaigns for Google, Nike, Dyson, Coral, Ladbrokes, for both online and broadcast television.


In podcasting Liam is available for recording, editing, sound design and mixing. His client list includes BBC Sounds, Netflix, Dua Lipa and Audio Always.


Remote and Studio-Based Audio Excellence with 10 Years of Experience

Fully established to work either remotely from his home studio or at a facility for studio-based, client-attended sessions, Liam works closely with all of his clients to ensure their projects meet their full potential.


He has 10 years experience of delivering professional, high quality audio that meets and exceeds his clients expectations.

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